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  • betharichardson

I Remember You, Grandpa Tom

I remember you, Grandpa Tom.

Resilience forged in World Wars and dust bowls.

Kindness shaped by love and generosity.

Faith cultivated in times of struggle and uncertainty.

You grew vegetables in the back yard,

Three rotated crops,

Food harvested from March to November.

That was the way your people survived.

The garden — a statement of faith

In the One who created the seeds, the sun, the rain.

The garden you called your “Fitness Center.”

In these days of pandemic, I remember you.

Your resilience, your kindness, your faith.

I think of you, at the end of my day, when I put on my work clothes

And walk out the door to my “Fitness Center.”

Trimming bushes, sowing seed, spreading mulch.

Hoping that I, too, in this time of challenge

Might be a person of resilience, kindness, and faith.

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