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All the Wonders

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To Michael

Updated: Feb 15

I came home today and

Started looking through boxes of photographs.

I was looking for the photo of you and me

At the United Methodist children's educator event way back when.

The theme was "Peace" and you and I told the story of

Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes.

In my mind, the picture shows me, in white face,

Portraying Sadako.

I'm sitting in an old-fashioned wheel chair,

Wearing a hospital gown and surrounded by paper cranes.

You are standing in the background, narrating the story.

I see you in so many of my memories. ...

I picture you smiling as I pop into your office --

The only one in the buillding with a rocking chair.

I see you standing at the microphone at annual conference,

The only clergy-person-not-from-Edgehill

Speaking out for lgbtq folks.

I picture you sharing your stories

And teaching me how to tell my stories.

I see us preaching at Edgehill on Pentecost Sunday

Both of us wearing albs, weaving the story in two voices.

And then I found it ...

Not the picture I had in my mind ...

But a hidden treasure from the year

I was welcomed into full-time church ministry.

There I am. There you are.

Your eyes lighting up

As I introduce you to my Grandpa Tom,

The man I'd been telling you about in my stories.

Thank you, Michael.

I picture you and Grandpa Tom sitting on a porch in heaven,

The two of you swapping stories.

You are surrounded by

All the saints who went before.

You are a friend.

You are a blessing.

You are love.

Reverend Michael Williams passed away suddenly on March 19, 2018. We hold all who loved him in prayers and light.

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