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  • betharichardson

On the Eve of a New Year

2013-12-27 16.20.28

With gratitude for this day

for this year

for this life.

May I be open to memories,

good and bad,

celebrating the things

I have learned,

the love I have given,

the lives I have enriched.

And may I let go of

shortcomings I have discovered,

mistakes I have made,

the smallness of my heart.

Let me carry into the new year

only the things I must bring,

whether they be hopes or regrets,

joys or sorrows.

Help me shed what I can

before the new journey begins.

Walk with me in integrity,

in loving-kindness,

in hospitality,

in love.

May I be a friend,

a loving companion,

a blessing to those along the way.

I am yours.

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