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All the Wonders

  • betharichardson

God's Mail Room

computer, candle, coffee

I woke up in the night, worrying

And praying for my candidate to win.

In my heart it feels

Like certain doom

If the other team is elected.

Then I thought about

All the other worrying people

Awake in the night.

Praying as fervently

For their candidate to win

And mine to lose.

What does the Holy One do

With all these earnest, conflicting prayers?

May my prayers

not be sorted

(in the heavenly mail room)

Into bins marked:

“Hopeless cases”

“Addressee not known”

“Features to fix in the next upgrade (Human 2.0)”

But rather

May my prayers be heard and acted on!

May they be filed under:

“Return receipt requested and sent”

“Straight to the Ear of the Creator”

“No worries, God’s got this”

At the end of this day

(or the very long nights to come)

May the Creator have mercy on us …

On our fears,

Our limited imagination,

Our wounded and calloused hearts.

May the Holy One

Crank up healing power

For me, for all of us …

Divided families, communities,

States, nations.

That we might to see and hear,

Know and accept each other

Through eyes and hearts of divine love.

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