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All the Wonders

  • betharichardson

Offer It All to Love

ring around the moon

I am out of balance.

Overwhelmed with worry

about the sorrows of this world.

I am tipping over into fear.

Concerned that I won't know how to handle

whatever travails I will meet down the road ... someday.

Frozen with anxiety about the future.

I remember the words of my friend, Julian of Norwich, who wrote,

“God did not say, ‘You shall not be tormented,

you shall not be troubled, you shall not be grieved,'

but God said, ‘You shall not be overcome.' And all shall be well." 

I stand at the edge this giant pool of sorrow

and offer it all to Love.

I offer my sorrows, my worries, my feelings of powerless to Love.

I offer my beloved ones to Love.

I offer this fragile world and all its creatures to Love.

To Love - who created the Universe and called it Good.

To Love - who tenderly holds all suffering in the light of wholeness.

To Love - who sits with me and each of us in our fears and in our weeping.

Offer it all to love.

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