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All the Wonders

Lord, Have Mercy


I wrote this prayer a few weeks ago in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting. Since then, there was the attack in the Istanbul airport and, this morning, news of a bombing in a Bangladesh restaurant. I offer it here as I continue to struggle with the violence that continues around the world.

The news is bad.

We are outraged and horrified.

We are shocked and afraid.

We are overwhelmed and numb.

How many more times will we awake to such news?

Some of us sit in front of the television,

Search the internet for stories,

Watch, listen for something

That will help make sense,

That will soothe or comfort,

That will bring order back again.

Some of us can't bear the words, the images.

The press conferences and scrolling news feeds

Freeze our brains, our hearts, our guts.

Some of us pray.

Some of us escape.

Some of us rage.

Some of us cry.

God, have mercy on our world.

Have mercy on the powerless and the powerful.

Have mercy on the first responders and those in ministry to the brokenhearted.

Have mercy on the victims, their families, their friends.

Sit with us in our terror, our sadness, our hopelessness.

And let us hold the space for others as we

Sit or cry, light candles or pray,

In solidarity, in hope, in love.


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