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Joy and Sorrow


Someone described yesterday as a day of "emotional whiplash." From the declaration of love, justice, and equality by the U.S. Supreme Court to the funeral of Reverend Clementa Pinckney, one of those murdered in the hate crime committed at a bible study in Charleston, S.C. I believe, I hope, I trust that the presence of the holy was in these places both of ecstatic joy and of deep sorrow.

I sat in my office, weeping,

reading the live blog

from the Supreme Court.

5-4 in favor of same sex marriage.

Who could have known this day would come?

Protection for families,

for children,

equal rights for couples.

Small things, so important ...

A spouse's name on a death certificate.

Two parents' names on an adoption form.

The right to be by a loved one's side in the emergency room.

The acknowledgment of covenant,

of commitment,

of love.

I sat in my living room, weeping,

watching the President,

family and friends and leaders,

mourn and celebrate the life of Reverend Pinckney.

Deaths too awful to comprehend,

meaningless, senseless, lives torn asunder by racism,

an ugly, malignant tumor in our land.

I watch as this gathering, these witnesses,

transcend barriers.

I listen, and my spirit rises out of despair and darkness

towards hope and light.

God, how can you contain

all of this?

All of this joy and sorrow,

all of this love and grief.

Be present with us in these days.

We need you now.

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