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I Hear the Sound of Breaking Hearts


For John Mogabgab (1946-2014)

I hear the sound of breaking hearts

John - mentor, teacher, colleague, friend,

Has left this life and entered into life eternal.

I feel the ripples of a thousand broken hearts.

John, founder of Weavings,

Shaper of the Academy for Spiritual Formation.

Spiritual Abba to me and you and you and you.

Heartbeat of The Upper Room.

I know the pain of a breaking heartT

he shock, the sadness,

the emptiness that can never be filled.

Do you now sit and pray and talk and laugh

With Henri, with Douglas, with Thomas,

With Howard and Martin,

With Brigit and Columba,

Benedict and Augustine,

Theresa and Hildegard and Julian,

Abbas and Ammas,

With others named John, and,

I humbly imagine, with Jesus?

Rest your weariness,

Sing with angels,

And, if you don't mind, please,

Pray for those whose hearts are broken.

Thank you, John.

I am grateful.

I miss you.

And I feel your presence in this place.

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