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All the Wonders

  • betharichardson

All Shall Be Well

When you wake up in a fog,

The clouds hiding the sun,

Hiding the hope and the confidence

You used to have.

When the place you are standing

Feels like it tilts at random moments

And you risk sliding into the abyss.

When you are floating

In a pool of wet darkness,

Your foot tethered to a boulder

That pulls you under.

May the bright sun of the universe

Cut through the clouds

And cover you in warmth and light.

May the healer of the heavens and the earth

Wrap you in safety and confidence,

Stand firm beneath your feet,

Hold you up when you feel you are sinking.

May the creator of hope

Tap you on the shoulder

And whisper,

"I'm right here.

And all shall be well."

"You are not alone.

And all shall be well."

"You are mine.

And all shall be well."

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