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Seeds of Hope


It's not fair of me

To tell you (or anyone)

How to feel.

We all must find our own ways

Through these days.

But let me share that

This morning,

Seeds of hope were planted in me.

In The Upper Room chapel

Where a Shawnee man

(Talk about the long view)

Called me back to the Circle

That begins and ends with the Creator.

The Circle that always contains hope.

In a reception with six people

From a L'Arche community

Where I witnessed selfless love,

Where I sensed a larger perspective

Than the tunnel vision in my brain,

And where I saw God's beloved gifts.

There I met one who told me

What day of the week I was born on

When I shared with him my date of birth.

May these seeds of hope be nurtured,

Taking hold, sprouting, and growing.

Shawnee Traveling Song

I am walking upon the earth

with people who love me

on the circle of Creator

I will always be home

I will always be loved.

I will be with Creator.

- Fred A. Shaw / Neeake© 1987 Fred Shaw / Neeake, Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band

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