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God's Welcome


Last week we gathered

As United Methodists,

As Episcopalians,

As clergy and lay,

As people with different opinions

On the politics of the day,

And we considered "God's welcome."

We listened and laughed,

Prayed and praised,

Wondered and worshiped,

Sat in silence together.

We welcomed guests

From Bolivia.

Our words translated

From English to Spanish,

From Spanish to English.

We communicated with smiles,

With gestures,

With love.

We broke bread together

Around tables in the dining hall

And in the beauty of St. Francis Chapel.

One loaf, one cup, one body of Christ.

We talked and listened and wrestled

About difficult things.About topics

That often leave us divided, broken.

Yet we remained one people

Even in diversity.

Willing to admit

"I might be wrong."

"You might be right."

"It's ok to think or believe differently."

We are still one body,

Welcomed with love

Into the heart of God.

Reflections on a rich week at a 5-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation. The topic, "God's Welcome." The location, Camp McDowell, the camp of the Episcopal Diocese of Alabama. The Faculty: Amy Oden and Kee Sloan. We gathered and were richly blessed.

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