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On the 7th day of my vacation at a remote cabin in Colorado, the DSL line providing my internet connection went down, and I got to see how dependent I've become on my electronic relationships. It had probably been three years since I spent any significant time disconnected from my cell phone, my email (and all those other seemingly invaluable tools such as Facebook and Twitter).

The wireless router was still sending its signal -- and I kept glancing at its strength - but there was no internet. And every so often, I launched a browser ... just to check to see if the connection had been repaired.

There was a land line at the cabin (a cordless phone, even), but I felt anxiety starting to build. What if something really important from work needed my attention? What about all those emails that were going to pile up? How was I going to check in for my flight on Southwest?

Goodness, this is ridiculous, I said to myself. It's pitiful ... and it's not healthy ... to be this dependent on technology. This is what I write and preach about -- disconnecting with email so that we can connect with God. How ironic it was to find myself in that void -- separated from God, the only thing that could fill the empty place left by my sudden electronic interruption.

"You satisfy the hungry heart," the song played in my head. Fill me, O God, with your presence. Forgive my obsession with being wired (or wireless). You are the Source of my true connection. Amen.

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