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Christmas Eve Memories


Christmas Eve,

Holy night.

Memories creep into

My mind.

Smells of evergreen

And candles, lit.

The worn, waxed chancel

In a church sanctuary.

Organ, piano, flute, guitar ...

Play into the quiet night.

Dad's voice, leading

"O Come, All Ye Faithful."

The smooth candle in my little hand

Hoping, waiting, for the flame

From the Christ Candle.

(Will I get to hold it this year?)

The darkened sanctuary,

Each lit candle

Adding to the brightness.

"Silent Night"

Sung by young and old,

Friend and stranger,

Joined together around the world

By hope that light will

Shine in the places of conflict,

Loneliness, despair.

Come, Holy Child.

Bring joy, love, hope, comfort, peace.

We await your birth.

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