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All the Wonders

  • betharichardson

The Unexpected Blessing

You went out to walk your dog,

A giant, beautiful puppy,

Who wiggled in ways only puppies could.

I called out to you,"Can I bless your dog?"

You didn't run away.

You stepped onto the lawn with her.

You held her in your arms

And I began to pray,

Bless this creature, Fashioned by the holy one From the glimmer of stars And the music of angels. ...

I glanced at your face. You were looking down at her, Your eyes full of love, Your countenance full of tenderness.

Bless this creature And the human one Who shares its life.

And I realized that The blessings were spilling out And splashing up Over you. Over me. The blessings were Filling this space, Soothing weary, anxious hearts. The blessings were touching the world, The places of joy and of sorrow, Of fear and of hope, Of turmoil and of peace.

Bless this home. Bless this life. Bless this wonder. Bless this love. Bless this creature.

This miracle of life, The opening up of hearts and spirits To the gracious blessing of the holy one. Bless this world And all its creatures. Photo: The blessing of Jack by his friend, Claire.

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