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All the Wonders

  • betharichardson

Loss, Grief, and Mystery


I hear the news

Of the death of a friend.

A wife, a mother, a grandmother.

I am nearly undone

Despite the fact

That I barely knew her.

The short, sweet times

I was in her presence,

I felt the unconditional love

Of a mother.

Of a holy one.

What a mystery

That we cannot measure

The influence of one life,

The hearts touched by her,

The deep connections made with her,

The divine love that flowed through her

To those who were in need.

I give thanks for her life,

For the way she touched me,

A motherless child longing to be loved.

Mother God, comfort those who mourn her death.

Wrap them in your blanket of love

And receive her into your peaceful embrace. Amen.


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