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Lead Us, God of Pilgrimage

I am preparing to go on a pilgrimage with The Academy for Spiritual Formation. We'll be traveling to Ireland in early July, visiting places associated with St. Kevin, St. Brigid, St. Patrick, and St. Columba. I hope to be sharing photos, prayers, and reflections from the road. This prayer is for all of us preparing for pilgrimage. We stand on the shore Waiting to climb into the coracle That will take us on this pilgrimage. We have our itineraries, our passports, Our credit cards and bank cards, Our cell phones, bags, and suitcases. We think we know where we are going And when we will return. But on this trip, on this pilgrimage, We need only our eyes, our ears, Our minds, our hearts. Where will you take us, Spirit? And when we return to this place, Will we be the same? Guide us as we climb into this coracle And give ourselves over to the waves And the wind and the currents. Lead us, God of Pilgrimage, To where you would have us go. What pilgrimage are you anticipating?

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