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All the Wonders

  • betharichardson

Last Night I Dreamed of Jack


Last night I dreamed of Jack.

He was lost, but I knew he had

Crossed the road

And gone into the woods.

I walked into the forest

And climbed to the top of a pine tree.

There was a nest there,

Rocking like a cradle

In the gentle breeze.

The trees showed me the nest

And told me he was safe,

Gently rocked,

Held close.

When I got back to the ground

I could see, far off,

a circle of dancing women.

White flowing dresses,

Radiant warm light bathing them from above,

Their arms swayed in the air

Like a nest rocking

On a gentle breeze

In the top of a pine tree.

I woke up

And felt

At peace.

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