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The Anniversary

Brainard Lake
  1. We are a broken and fragmented people. Our culture is divided to the point that we often jump -- too quickly -- to judgment, labeling, and condemning others rather than seeing them as human, vulnerable, children of God.

  2. Forgiveness is our calling as Christians. It's perfectly appropriate that we study and pray this scripture at this time.

  3. Yes, we are called to forgive -- over and over and over. But forgiveness is a very individual step, part of a process of healing and reconciliation. I cannot say to you, "It's time for you to forgive." Forgiveness is a gift given by God at the just the right point in a person's healing process.

  4. I wonder what Jesus would say to us today? to our national leaders? our faith leaders? to our children? Share your thoughts. What does it mean to be people of faith in a post-9/11 world? What message is God giving you through this week's Audio Lectio? Related Resources

  5. Remembering 9-11 - GBOD Worship Planning

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