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Preparing for Lent

Awkward Season cover

Hi, Friends,

Lent is only a few weeks away. Ash Wednesday falls on March 9th this year. I have some suggestions for a Lenten journey, in case you are still considering the path you will take this year.

The Awkward Season - an online retreat with my friend and colleague, Pamela C. Hawkins. I've not written a Lenten book, but I wish I had written this one. :-)

The retreat will be offered by The Upper Room and It begins on March 9. Cost is $40. You can find out more about the retreat here.

The Gift of Sorrow - The March/April 2011 issue of Alive Now magazine contains a "Guide to Lent" within its pages. You can order single copies of the issue for your use during Lent. Cost of a single copy is $3.95 (if you need 10 or more copies, there's a 50% discount). Call 1.800.972.0433. (You can order a subscription to Alive Now by calling the number above or ordering online.)

On the Alive Now website "Daily Reflections" assist you in taking some time with God each day. (They are available on the website and also via email.) And beginning on Ash Wednesday, we'll be adding some additional content to the "Daily Reflections." One new piece is "Audio Lectio," a weekly recording of lectio divina using an excerpt of the gospel reading from the lectionary. Come pray the scripture with us.

What IS Lent, Anyway?! -- If you've got some questions about Lent, I recommend the article, "Lent 101" by Rev. Penny Ford. Here's a link to the article on the Alive Now website.

Blessings to you as we prepare to walk with Jesus through days of struggle and toward the Resurrection. I hope to see you on the way.


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