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Jack's Tips 2013 Calendar

Jack's Tips for Healthy Living. This 2013 calendar offers the wisdom of Jack the Scottie. Jack shares his insights on living. Each month, full color photos of Jack and his friend, Spec, will inspire you and keep you on track. It's a wall calendar with a different tip for each month. Jack and his friends will wisely guide you through the year. Here's January's Tip:

Reviews: The pictures are quite good, but there should be more of me. - Sweetie Thompson Brown You'll see pictures of me, but you might not know it. If the dog looks particularly wise and distinguished, it's probably me. - Spec McLeroy It's an excellent calendar. And it comes in a very tasty box. I'm not sure how wise my tips are, but now that I'm three years old, I feel a lot wiser than I was as a puppy. For instance, did you know that squirrels are different than cats? And that when you see a school bus, you can get a treat? Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. - Jack Richardson

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