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Hot Off the Press -- The Uncluttered Heart


The Uncluttered Heart, had come off the press. She had a copy of the book on her desk and I could come and visit it. So -- I went for a visit, held the book in my hands, and took a picture of it.  It looks great! When a book is finished with its printing, a few copies come to the publisher. These are precious copies that go to various people and departments -- the book editor, head of publishing, production (for their files), etc. The rest of the books are sent to the The Upper Room's fulfillment center in Georgia. In the meantime, the book is put into inventory. So it's time for a little more waiting before the book is ready to be released to the general public. For me, it's an exciting time -- a time of gratitude and personal fulfillment. Thanks to everyone who has had a part in this birth of an Advent resource.

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